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10mm Pellet Making Ring Die For Pig Sheep Cow Livestocks

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Jiangsu CHINA
Brand Name: gamma tech
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 100U.S.D-50000U.SD
Packaging Details: Bare packing, iron pallet, wood pallet,
Delivery Time: 40 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000
Detail Information
Brand: Gamma Tech Service: Remote Video Guidance
Key Selling Points: High Productivity Pellet Size: 1-10mm
Machinery Test Report: Provided Suit For: Pellet Mill Machine
Color: Customized Material: Alloy/stainless Steel
High Light:

10mm pellet making die


livestocks pellet making die


livestocks pellet ring die

Product Description

Product Description


Our ring dies are suitable for:
1. Biomass pellet machine: wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, grass pellet machine, straw pellet machine, crop straw pellet machine, alfalfa pellet machine, etc.
2. Livestock and poultry/aquaculture feed pellet machine: pig/cattle/sheep/chicken/duck/fish/shrimp
3. Cat litter granulator
4. Compound fertilizer



1. Select high-quality refining and degassing blank outside the furnace

2. The mold adopts imported gun drilling and multi-station group drilling, the mold hole is formed at one time, the finish is high, the production feed appearance is beautiful, the output is high, the discharge is smooth, and the granules are well formed

3. The mold adopts the combined treatment process of the American vacuum furnace and the continuous quenching furnace, which is quenched uniformly, the surface finish is good, the hardness is high, and the service life is doubled.


10mm Pellet Making Ring Die For Pig Sheep Cow Livestocks 0


Correct Use and Maintenance of ring die

1. Ensure that the die hole is smooth, the material is evenly distributed on the working face (to improve the life of the ring die), and the feeding scraper (deflector) will guide the powder on the ring die cover into the rotating ring die. Change the angle of the feeding scraper to change the material distribution mode. The inner scraper (upper and lower) located on the inner side of the ring die transfers the material back to the working area. The excessive wear of the feeding scraper and the inner scraper will affect the production efficiency and the abnormal wear of the working surface of the ring die.

2. The granulator shall be operated under rated load and shall not be overloaded. High output requires correct ring die and correct raw material conditioning.

3. The initial particles will be very soft. Slowly increase the feeding amount until the particles become hard. This process should not be too urgent. The ring die must have a heating time. If the feeding is fast and dry, the die hole will be easily blocked.

4.The rolling, blocking, blind hole and pressing iron of the ring die shall be handled in time.

5.Avoid hard contact between the ring die and the press roll.

6.If the die hole is blocked, it is recommended to use oil for granulation and extrusion, or remove the ring die and soak it in oil before operation. If the above methods are not available, use a punch and an electric drill to drill out the filler, and be careful not to damage the die hole.

7.Hard steel tools shall not be used to hammer the ring die directly.

8. Reasonably assemble and use the magnetic absorption device to prevent metal objects from entering the granulation chamber and causing damage to the ring die. If iron is pressed into the die surface, it should be taken out in time.

9.Record the use of the ring die to fully understand the quality and life of the ring die.

10.In addition to the installation and operation manual, pay attention to the blanking opening of the capping granulator to prevent tools or other debris from falling into the cooler when replacing the new ring die.

11.Whenever the ring die is stopped, the die hole should be filled with non corrosive oily raw materials, otherwise the residual materials in the cold ring die hole will become hard, causing the die hole to be blocked or even corroded. Filling oil can not only prevent the hole from being blocked, but also wash away the residual fat and acidic materials in the hole wall.

12.The ring die and the press roll shall be used in pairs. The new die shall be matched with the new roll, or the old ring die and the old press roll shall be repaired before use to avoid abnormal wear caused by the use of the ring die press roll under abnormal coordination.

13. The damage of the ring die mostly depends on the wear of the working face. Regular visual observation should be made to correct the uneven wear of the ring die.


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10mm Pellet Making Ring Die For Pig Sheep Cow Livestocks 310mm Pellet Making Ring Die For Pig Sheep Cow Livestocks 4



Q: Who Are We?

A: We are Wuxi Gamma Agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd a professional and reliable company mainly engaged in feed equipment.


Q: What Srevice Can We Provide?

A: We have feed production line , single machine and device parts for you.


Q: When will our problems be solved?

A: At the moment you tell us, we have contacted our professional technicians, you don't have to worry.


Q: how can we guarantee quality?

A: We have relative certificates, and our machine have one year warranty

if you have need, final Inspection before shipment.



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